Portable Blender Wireless Rechargeable Juicer and Smoothies Maker

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Afford the convenience of healthy nutrition on the go with AMJOY portable blender single-serve smoothies juicer maker. Blend or juice on the go, anywhere and everywhere! At work, in the gym, in your car, and even while walking.

Lightweight traveling Juicer blender fits into handbags, waist bag, fanny packs, and backpacks.

Great for making fresh fruit juices, smoothies, protein shakes, milkshakes, marinades, salad dressings almond powder, almond milk, baby food, pesto sauce, and face masks, chop vegetables blend nuts, frozen foods, and ice crush.

Volume: 380ML

USB charging 3.7V battery

Weight: 0.99 lbs.

Motor Speed: 15000-22000RPM

Charging time: 3hours Blends: 20-25Secs

Idle time: 5secs intervals- stops and work at 5mins intervals

6-10 blends when fully charged

Blades: 6 Blades 304 stainless steel

Bottle:  Food-grade plastic

Manufacturer: Yongkang Lirong appliance

Brand: DDZ

Parts number: DDZ-08

Package Content:  blender, USB charger, user manual

Usurer manual

Charge Juicer for 3 hours before first use

  1. Cut fruits into smaller portions 0.5-1.5 inches
  2. Operate juicer only when the red light is off
  3. For easy blends, first, place water/liquid (Do not use hot liquid) in the juicer cup if making a smoothie
  4. Place your cut fruits in the juicer
  5. Fill the cup ½ or ¾ for optimal performance
  6. Double click the power button in quick intervals to start
  7. Allow the juicer to blend for 20-25secs
  8. To blend a second-time wait for the idle time of 6secs, the red light will turn off
  9. If the blender does not turn, shake to release fruits/particles cutup on the blades
  10. Repeated #7-9 until you get your desired consistency




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